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Warum die Banane gelb ist ….

Das ist eine gute Frage nicht?

Und eine wichtige Frage, aber was noch wichtiger ist, ist die Frage ob jede Banane gelb ist. Das ist doch ganz einfach und schnell zu beantworten: Nein. Nicht jede Banane ist gelb, sondern zu nächst sind sie erst mal grün, warum das? Weil sie nicht reif sind? Naja, dass ist eine Antwort, aber wohl keine zufriedenstellende. Da stellt sich natürlich die Frage warum unreife Früchte in der Regel grün sind und die lässt sich wohl mit einigem Schulwissen beantworten: Chlorophyll, der Stoff, welcher von Pflanzen zur Photosynthese benötigt wird und für die Ausbildung der Frucht und der Pflanze sorgt.

Was natürlich noch immer nicht unsere Titelfrage klärt, warum Bananen gelb sind: Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist sowohl vielfältig als auch kompliziert. Eine die einem sofort einfallen könnte, ist die, dass es besser für die Fortpflanzung der Spezies ist (in unserem Fall: Bananen). Geld ist in der Natur eine eher seltenere und auffälligere Farbe. Daher ist es wohl offensichtlich warum sich gerade die Farbe gelb durchgesetzt hat. Doch die gelbe Farbe hat auch einen chemischen Hintergrund, denn wie oben erwähnt sind Bananen ja zuerst grün. Da das Chlorophyll zur Photosynthese benötigt wird um Zurcker bzw. Glukose herzustellen. Daher kommt das Gelb, denn dies passiert offenbar durch den hohen Glukoseanteil in der Frucht, was dadher bedeutet, dass je gelber die Bananen sind, desto süßer sind sie.

Noch ein kurzer Kommentar zu Abschluß: Nicht jede Banane reift zu gelben Früchten und nicht jede Banane ist krumm, nur die die man im Supermarkt findet.

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The Hunger Games

2012 – for me it’s a year when two of my most anticipated movies come out: “Underworld: Awakening” and “The Hunger Games”. While the story of Underworld is pretty straightforward, the story of The Hunger Games isn’t – at least not in the books. It’s the kind of story that I very strongly relate to.

For those of you who don’t know the series here’s a brief overview of the beginning: Katniss Everdeen is a young sixteen year old girl in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem. The nation of Panem consists of the Capitol and twelve outlying Districts. The reaping is an annual event when every district is required to draw and send two random teenagers (one male, one female) between the age of twelve and eighteen as tributes to the so-called “Hunger Games”. There these children are briefly trained in the arts of survival and combat, before they are released into an artificial arena to fight each other to the death until there’s only one left. The year the book trilogy begins, Katniss’ sister has turned twelve and therefore is the first time entered into the drawing. Since Katniss’ has additionally entered her names in the previous years for additional food, her chances are a lot higher to be drawn than her sister, whose name is entered for the first time.
But against all odds her sister’s name is drawn and Katniss see’s only one way to protect her beloved little sister: She volunteers to be send in her place. There the troubles begin. Drawn as second tribute from her district is a boy named Peeta. As it turns out he’s been in love with her for quite some time, but she isn’t and is all too keenly aware that she would have kill him in the games.

Although the books are often referred to as being romantic, I prefer to call them realistic. When I comes to life and death, you don’t suddenly fall in love with someone you’ve barely noticed before and Katniss doesn’t. While a lot of stories end with the main protagonist becoming a better person and live happily ever after, after living through some of the most damaging events that can happen to a person, there’s a happy ending to the novels, but not “The Happy Ending” most people have come to expect. At the end of the novels Katniss is still a normal person. She still has to fight the horrors she has faced and still has to deal with her fears. Nothing has gone away, because nothing can be taken away after you’ve experienced them. She didn’t survive it all because she had to, but just because she did. There’s no reason why she is so special or why she deserved it more than others, but simply because she did.

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Why facebook is shit

Well, I guess that everybody has by now noticed that there are a few changes in the Facebook GUI (Graphic User Interface) and functionality. Here I’ll add my angry rant to the thousands of other angry rants about the changes on the internet. (Note: It’s likely that not everything is new)

1. FUCKING TOP STORIES! No I don’t want them, when do you realize that you fucking useless app! Just because I share a link I don’t want it as a fucking top story. Just because I sent someone a message doesn’t mean that I want their posts above the post of someone I haven’t IMed with. And NO I don’t want some shit marked as top story just because 15 morons I don’t know have liked it! And the worst of it all: YOU CAN’T TURN THIS SHIT OFF!!!!!!!

2. Adding friends: I recently found an old colleague, but when I wanted to add her to my friend list facebook didn’t let me. Why? Because we don’t have anything in common and therefore we can’t possibly know each other! FUCK!

3. People you may know: FUCK NO. Just because they’re friends of friends doesn’t mean that I know them and even so IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THEM!

4. Groups: I’ve recently was added to a group and have now discovered that this fucking group is spamming my mail account with automatically generated mails when
someone posts ANYTHING! The best fucking thing about this it that. YOU HAVE TO MANUALLY TURN IT OFF FOR EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GROUP!!!!!

5. Notification settings: Nice that with the recent changes they’ve automatically REACTIVATED e-mail notifications. So that suddenly my mailbox is full of mails from facebook.

So that’s it. I won’t go into he privacy protection violations of facebook.

Have a nice day.

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Finally – Hello world!

Finally (or at least I think it is) it is time for this blog to move beyond the “test” phase of the past years, where it has seen some very strange states of being: several test phases, example states and I don’t know what. Now I think the time has come for me to take the step and put some of the stuff that I want to be “out there” out there. Hopefully I won’t disappear from the face of the earth in the next few weeks ;) . I also hope that this blog won’t be too disturbing for you :D .

What I will put up here?

First of all my stories. For my friends and “treasured acquaintances” it is no big secret that I have been writing stories for quite some time now, but I’ve never gotten around to finishing any of them. I think that this will help me with that: Publishing them piecemeal. What can you expect? There are several stories that I’ve been working on and different variations have different names, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll stick to one per story. What you should also know is that all my stories are set in the same alternate universe. A world where the Cold War hasn’t ended as peacefully as it did in our world. As far as the public was concerned everything ended just as it did in our past, but in truth the war was fought in the shadows – under the radar of most governments and the public.
“Burning Hope” is the story of a 16-year-old girl whose mother moves to the sleepy town of Hope. She quickly finds friends and builds a new life, but when the seemingly innocent town is shaken by a servies of violent crimes – including murder, her journalistic streak comes to life. On her own she begins to look into the events behind the sudden violence in Hope.
“Exigencies of War” takes place several decades after “Burning Hope”. The Central Atlantic Union (CAU) has been formed on a series of artificial islands in the Atlantic. After twenty years the CAU has made technological advances that have caused a shift of power. After World War 3 the US has been the only superpower that managed survive, but that position at the top is now threatened by the small islands that form the CAU.
“Head Shot” is set a few years after “Burning Hope”. The executive assistant to the CEO of MESSIAC Enterprises is found in his office. Shot in the head at close range. Through a miracle she is still alive, but the question of her killer leads to a small circle of brothers and sisters in arms that trust each other blindly. One of them has tried to kill one of their own.

Second of all I’ll occasionally post a few “political” pieces, which will reflect my personal opinion about both current and historical events. Including some personal experiences that I want to comment on.

Last but not least I’ll be putting up some artistic analysis’ of “artwork” – mostly music and movies, but I won’t exclude other art forms in the far future.

In this spirit: HELLO WORLD!

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